Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is Christmas really over?

Hello to everyone...Cole had a great Christmas this year. I think he got a little spoiled because everyone feels so sorry for him because we live in a travel trailer...:-).
Santa brought Cole a new trampoline and a John Deere Gator electric ride on toy. He loves his new pajamas his Nana got him, and the race track Grandpa gave. He also really loves his rocket ship toy that Uncle Phil got for him and everything else. He is so proud of his very own Bible that his Mamaw bought him and the cover for it with his name and a cross on it. He loves crosses!

The house is moving rather slowly right now [in my opinion:-)]. Wyatt and his dad, Milton (with his mom Patsy's help) have mostly finished the cabinets and started working on the 35 cabinet doors and 57 drawer fronts that go in the house.'s alot of cabinets. Painters came in and primed the walls and painted the ceilings. They will be back when Wyatt has finished hanging all the trim and interior doors sometime next week or the following week. I have bought all the light fixtures and lots of other stuff so Wyatt won't have to go and pick any of that stuff out. It would be frightening.

My visit with Dr. Miller went smoothly. He didn't seem concerned about Lucy's size, so that is good news. No worries on that front.
Sorry no new pics, but nothing really to report. I will try to take some pics of Cole on his new trampoline this week and with some of his Christmas goodies. Take care.
Love to all,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

We had a great weekend in Waco. We spent Saturday with my mom and family, then Sunday with my dad and family. Cole was exhausted by the time we got home Sunday night.

The pics are of Cole's cousins on the Smirl side of the family, my neice and nephews.

Wyatt is busy building cabinets and making great progress. Trim and interior doors were ordered today. As soon as he is finished putting all of that in and installing the cabinets, we will be ready for the painters to come in.

Had a visit with Dr. Miller today. Everything looks great as far as Lucy is concerned. He checked my cervix and listened to the heartbeat, and all is well. He did not mention the sonogram results that showed Lucy measuring a little bigger than she should right now, and I forgot to ask. I am excited because when I meet with him again in January, should be only 2 visits left...unless we start weekly visits sometime soon. I did have to do that with Cole.

Wyatt and I were hopeful that we could be in the house by Jan. 15th, but I am looking for more like Feb. 1st. Either is fine, but trailer life is getting old and wearing thin on me and Cole for sure.

We are spending the night with Patsy and Milton tomorrow night just so we aren't having Christmas in the trailer. Then we will have to come and see what Santa left at our house...should be a trampoline!

Love to all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally back!

Sorry for the delay folks! I have been using a school issued laptop for all my computer needs, and low and behold the school district figured out how to block Blogger, so I can view my webpage but can't make any changes. It took me a few days to figure out it wasn't going to change, so I will just have to post from a free computer (this one is Patsy's) for a while til we get into the new house.

So on to the news...

The house is looking great! The stone is finished, including my fireplace, and it looks beautiful! They finished the insulation finally. We had the new insulation blown in, sort of like a spray in truck bedliner with expandable foam into the outside walls of the house and the attic. It makes the biggest mess, but it is supposed to lower your heating and cooling costs tremendously.
The sheetrock crew finished up today. We are trying to find someone to tape and bed, they are all booked out. We finally found someone that will come by and look at it tomorrow, who says he can possibly start next week.
Wyatt is off for the next 3 weeks beginning Monday, so he will be devoting his time to finishing the house. Building cabinets, trimwork, and anything else we don't want to pay someone else to do. We are looking pretty good on the money side, so we are hoping to pay someone to paint, which would be a huge load off.
All in all, we are very hopeful to move in after Jan. 15th.

Had another sonogram of Lucy today and it is officially a girl...signed, sealed, delivered! The nurse in my dr's office did another sono where they measure and look for abnormalities and everything looks good. She is a bit large, measuring at about 24 weeks of age, which is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Normal for diabetic moms. That puts birth around end of March so far. Let's hope it doesn't need to be any earlier than that, because earlier than that becomes dangerous for Lucy. She might not be fully developed or ready to be born, but if she is overly large her size will force the issue. Not a good thing.

Still love my job, and enjoying a break from graduate courses right now. I will finish the Masters degree next summer for sure.
The pics are of the house, and a few from Cole's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. We had a surprise visit from Granny and Miss Freda before the party, and Nana came to take Cole to the movies on Monday. He had a wonderful birthday!

Love to all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

This week

OK, I know I promised pics but with insulatin being blown into the outside walls it sort of created a big mess. The stone is up on the front of the house and the fireplace. It looks great!

So this weekend I should be able to take some new pics. The work should be cleaned up tomorrow for the most part and I can get in and take some new ones.

Sheetrock should start Tuesday. More mess.

Cole is 5 today! It is hard to believe. He has had a great day and we are set for a busy weekend.
I can feel Lucy all the time now...she is pretty active too.
Last night we went to the Lottie Moon Christmas Auction at church and when we got home I discovered my ankles were huge! That never happened with Cole. I think I just haven't been drinking enough water and lots of diet soda so I am changing that and we will see what happens.
That's all I know.
So new pics this weekend, for sure!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming along nicely!

Hello all!
The metal on the house (siding and roof) are finished. The front of the house will be stone, hopefully will be in after Thanksgiving. It looks so good right now. Wyatt and I and his parents hung cedar on the back wall outside under the carport today, and it looks great! Wyatt also put the first coat of stain on the floors throughout the house. We decided since we are having a baby and Cole is still pretty messy himself, we didn't even want to mess with carpet that will just need replacing in 10 years. So we are staining the entire house the same color...English looks awesome! We will put another coat on tomorrow and finish the cedar. I will post pics of what I can tomorrow. After the floors have dried we will mop the residue up and then cover the floors with heavy brown paper until the house is finished. We might (keep our fingers crossed) be able to have the insulation done on Wednesday, they are blowing the expandable foam in the walls and attic.
I see Dr. Miller tomorrow for 5 months checkup. Will post (probably nothing exciting) after that.
We will leave Wednesday for Del Rio and return home on Saturday. Wyatt is going to get up with me and go to Wal-Mart at 5am Friday morning to get a few things in the Wal-Mart ad for Christmas. Should be interesting!
Love to all,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soccer is over!

Sorry I am posting this late. I've been spending time getting ahead on college work so I can really take the week off next week. I am off work all week (hallelujah!) and would have needed to work on some assignments for my college classes if I hadn't spent some time working ahead.
Only one more week of college classes after Thanksgiving. Then I get a break until January.
Soccer is over for the Fall season. The last game on Saturday was FREEZING and at 8:30 in the morning with the really cold wind blowing. Cole was so funny, I bundled him up in his coat and a toboggan to cover his head, and he held his hands up and said, "Momma, what about my hands?" I said sorry, I don't have anything for those. But the boys were real troopers and did great. Cole scored 2 goals even. Then they all get trophies for playing, and Cole loved his trophy! He has been enthralled with it ever since.

The house is moving the roof on and they are starting on the siding this week. Stone should be here in a week or two for the front of the house and the fireplace. My Uncle David came Tuesday, and he is coming back tomorrow to wire the house. He is a certified electrician in Greenville, Texas. We will be staining the floors this weekend and covering them after we finish.

Then of course everything will be on hold for "Turkey day" as Cole has been calling it.

Cole's birthday party will be Sunday, December 7th, at 3pm at Chuck E. Cheese in Tyler. He will be 5...time flies!

Lucy is fine...I go to see Dr. Miller again next week for my 5 month checkup.

I am including some pics of the house with the roof. It is hard to see, but it is just silver, with the sides being beige. The floor will be stained a really dark reddish-brown...really red but really dark.

Next week we will leave on Wednesday to travel to Del Rio to hunt on my dad's ranch there. We will come home on Saturday. It will be a long drive with a pregnant woman and a nearly 5 year old! Wish us luck...ha, ha.
Love to all,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rain, rain, go away.

Well, the rain has slowed us down a bit, but not much. The plumber was not scheduled until next week, but because of the rain he couldn't work somewhere else, and came to our place instead. The A/C is in, the plumber is through for now, and the electrician is coming next week (my uncle :-)). The roofers couldn't work in the rain, and neither could the bricklayer, but both should be able to do something tomorrow, even if it is not until the afternoon. The bricklayer will work on the fireplace, and the metal roof will be installed. The stone for the front of the house will not be in for a few weeks (backorder) and the metal for the sides of the house will be a few weeks out as well. We are hoping to be able to stain the concrete floors the first of Thanksgiving week, cover them, and be ready for insulation as soon as Thanksgiving is over. That means sheetrock the first or second week of December. After that, Wyatt will take vacation time and be off for about 3 weeks while he builds cabinets and starts trim work, and we will both begin painting. We are painting the house ourselves, as well as other stuff.

Meanwhile, we will travel to Del Rio over Thanksgiving weekend to visit my Dad's ranch, and hunt some, and in general get some R&R. The first week of December my classes will be over for the fall, and I am looking forward to some much needed time off. Then it's back to the grindstone in January.
More this weekend,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's a girl!

It's official! We will be having a little girl in March or April. The technician assured us there were no little boy parts and even pointed out little girl parts, so I don't think there is any chance of a surprise.

Should see a metal roof go on the house this week, and the siding soon. The fireplace will be bricked this week, and electrical and plumbing the next week. Doors and windows will go in tomorrow.

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of my family and friends who came to the sonogram. It meant so much to me to have you all around me, and it was so exciting to find out and share the news with you at the same time!

Here is a pic of Lucy.

Love to all,


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

boy or girl???

OK, no pics today, but I just had to tell you that Wyatt's Aunt Pam Wyatt did the 'pencil test' on me today. You take a regular pencil, put a threaded needle into the eraser end, and hold it by the thread really still over the upturned wrist of a pregnant person. The pencil begins to move on its own, and will indicate the order of your children's sex. So for example, mine began to move up and down the wrist to indicate Cole was a boy, and then it began to move in a circle which means a GIRL. Pam swears that she did this with all of her grandchildren and it proved accurate. We'll find out at 10am stay tuned!

Monday, November 3, 2008

House Frame and Halloween

View from the front porch.

Well, sorry I didn't post earlier, but with Halloween we were pretty busy. Brownsboro businesses set up for Trick or Treating on Saturday night instead of Friday (there was a football game in Brownsboro Friday night) so we did two nights of it.

As you can see from the pictures, we have a house! The framers will be completely finished on Wednesday, but will come back on Monday to install the windows and doors. We had a problem getting them in before he left. Pretty much anything that involves metal these days is pretty expensive and hard to get in a timely manner.

Everything is still moving at a pretty steady pace. We should have the fireplace bricks layed by the weekend, and other things are coming and going in the next two weeks.
Cole did not play well in Saturday's soccer game. I am afraid he had a bit of a Halloween hangover, as did all the boys. We did win, but it was a close one, and the final score was 3-2 Raptors. So we are still undefeated...whew!

He is due for a good game this Saturday, and I hope he does since we might have quite an audience!
Enjoy the pics. I had fun taking them!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Firm Foundation

We have a concrete slab! The concrete was poured Friday morning, and the framers will be here tomorrow (Monday). It will start looking like a real house!

Granny's birthday was today. So after Roundup Sunday, where my two men dressed like cowboys (we dress western on high attendance day round here). Then we went to Granny's for a great family visit, and back to church for our annual Hallelujah Halloween festival. Cole dressed as Spiderman this year and had a blast of course.

I go to the OB this week and I should get to hear the baby's heartbeat at least. I have a private sonogram at StorkVision in Tyler Nov. 8th to find out the sex of the baby, but I am sure my OB will order another one anyway.

More pics this week I promise, as the walls go up!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Raptors 5-0

Cole played two soccer games on Saturday. The first game at 10:30am was another easy win for the Raptors, with Cole scoring 2 1/2 goals. The 1/2 goal was because another boy on our team kicked at it the same time that Cole did, so we told the boys they both helped score. Otherwise we would have argued over who scored it. Boys.

The second game was a little tougher. Actually they were the best team we have played yet. It was very close, they were even ahead of us for a while, but in the end we scored one more than they did and we won again. That makes a 5 to 0 winning record. Way to go, Raptors!

The pics are of the new house site. The concrete forms were put up Thursday, and the plumber came in Friday and did the rough-in. He will be back tomorrow to finish up the rough-in for plumbing, and the concrete man should be back Thursday, with concrete being poured on Friday. All of this is pending any rain in the forecast this week of course. I will be glad when we get to the place where the weather won't matter so much.

Oh, there is also a pic of Cole playing with his new/old favorite toy in the world...dirt! He asks me every day, "Momma, can I go play in the dirt?" This is why we moved to the country!

There is also a pic of the jack-o-lantern that Daddy and Cole carved at our annual Sunday School party with the hayride. A good time was had by all who attended. I love that Cole is growing up with these kids and they will all know each other forever. All of their parents are kids who Wyatt grew up with.

I have another dr. appt Oct. 29th with the OB. Blood sugar is ok, still fluctuating somewhat, but I have adjusted my insulin when I need to like the dr. told me to.

November 8th is the BIG day when we will hopefully find out if we are having a boy or a girl. We are of course hoping for a girl, Lucy Kay Adair, but if it is a boy I'll figure out a name for him too. TTFN as Tigger says...ta ta for now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The beginning

OK, so here is a pic of the home site. Pending rain tomorrow may put off the concrete forming up until Friday or Monday. We'll see.

Cole did not do as well at this last soccer game. Weekly practice was canceled because our Coach had a family emergency, and I guess Cole forgot what he was supposed to do. He mostly just ran around and skipped alot.

November 8th is the big day when we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. That day, our sonogram is at 10am and Cole has a soccer game at 12:30. Most of the family has been invited to attend both events. We are having the sonogram at StorkVision where they show it to you on a big screen tv with a huge wrap around couch for the family to sit on.

That's all for now. I am staying busy with two college midterms this week.

P.S. Cole is fascinated by the port-a-potty that was delivered Saturday. Kids!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We won again!

Well, Cole did much better in this Saturday's game (Oct. 4th). He engaged more in the game itself, and even scored 2 goals! He was so proud of himself. Our coach needed me to play assistant coach and sit with the team members who are not in the game, and when I was helping them with something, of course, is when Cole scored. I missed it both times! Oh well, I will try harder this weekend. He loves soccer so far though. Our coach made the comment that she didn't know why we were having practice, the kids seem to know what to do already. We don't just win, we have slaughtered both teams. We will see how it goes this Saturday.

WE ARE FINALLY CLOSING ON THIS #$%^&&*%$# HOUSE LOAN! Tomorrow, Thursday, at 4:30 it will be done. The concrete man is meeting us at the land tomorrow night to go over what is needed, and he said he can probably have it framed up by next week. So here we go! I will post some pictures this weekend, I promise!

I have had a book fair in my library all week this week and I am pooped! There has not been a Book Fair at my school in at least 5 years, and the kids have been really excited about it. The way it works is Scholastic, a book company, sends me all of the stuff and I sell it to the kids for a week. My library looks like a book store right now. Anyway, as long as we at least make $1500 for the week, I get 40% of the sales total in free books for my library. I was just hoping to make at least $1500, but we are already at $2200 as of today. It is crazy the money these kids have! So that puts me at about $1000 worth of free books so far, and I still have 2 days to go.
My mother-in-law, Patsy Adair, and her 3 sisters, Wanda Hood, Beth Bailey, and Bobbie Williamson, have all come and volunteered their time to work in the library this week. I couldn't have done it without them! I also had a couple of parents who helped out.

I will post again this weekend.
Love to all,

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We won!

Cole had his first soccer game today. He loved it, but we have some work to do! I was just proud he wasn't out there picking flowers or looking for airplanes, so I think he did great!

He did engage the ball a few times, and actually kicked it. Every time he kicked it he would turn around and look at Mom and Dad and say "I kicked it!" Then at the end of the game, all the parents put their arms up and make a tunnel for the kids to run through, and that was the best part of the game for Cole. Oh well, he is just 4 you know (wink). We did win the game, 9-6, with two players from last season making most of our goals. He is one of 2 brand new soccer players, the rest of the boys played in the spring on the same team.

I am feeling better, no headaches and such anymore. The dr. upped my insulin doses at night as my blood sugar is staying too high no matter what I eat at night. He said once we get it stabilized now, it will be good until about 24 weeks, when my blood sugar will just naturally go up because of the pregnancy and I will to up the doses again.

I go back Tuesday for another sonogram. Dr. Miller wants to make sure my uterus is turning like it is supposed to. I think it must be fine, because my pants are getting too tight and everything must be really loose from being pregnant before. My belly is sticking out a little earlier than I remember with Cole. Of course, I am also about 20 pounds lighter than when I was pregnant with Cole too.

I am posting pics of Cole at soccer practice, and at his game today. His team is the Raptors, their colors are royal blue, black, and white.

Love to all,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun, fun, fun!

We have had a bang up weekend! We drove to Waco late afternoon Friday to pick up a 2000 GMC 3/4 ton pickup we bought. We had dinner with my mom and came back home. We made it home by 11pm. Saturday, we went to the Villages Waterpark for Tanner Johnson's Birthday party, Brookshire's Wildlife Museum for Meadow Ellis' Birthday party, and Bergfeld Park for Day for Kids put on by Boys and Girls Clubs. Then we came home and crashed! Cole and I were very tired. We plan to go the East Texas State Fair on Sunday after church for $1 rides.

Daddy spent the day finishing our house pad on the land. 20 loads of dirt and we are in business. Hopefully we will hear from the title company this week to close on our loan and we can get started. Just waiting for a survey.

My blood sugars are evening out now that I am on insulin. Now if I can just stay away from the junk food. It is hard when you are on the run all the time.

I LOVE MY JOB! It is wonderful helping kids find books, and talking to kids about books they are reading. When I was a teacher, I never had time to just talk to the kids about stuff like that. What a change. I definitely made the right move. My principal is pretty great too. So far she hasn't said no to me yet!

I am having technical issues between my camera and my laptop all of a sudden, so I apologize for the lack of new pics. Hope to have some added this week.


Saturday, September 13, 2008


So, that visit to the Endocrinologist went exactly like I thought it would. He started me on insulin injections 4 times a day and checking my blood sugar 8 times a day. Definitely not fun, for the next 6 months. But the good news is that it is not as bad as when I had to do it with Cole. Then I had to use actual syringes and measure the doses, it hurt like the dickens and such. But they have come a long way in 5 years, and they have these little injection pens now. The needles that fit on them are tiny and I can't even feel them going in. Much easier to deal with. If you have Diabetes, you should definitely get set up with Liberty Medical. You know, you see them on tv all the time with that old man (can't remember his name but he was an actor and I always liked him). Anyway, got set up with them and got all my supplies paid for through my insurance. It was denied at Brookshire's and it was expensive. Turns out my prescription drug plan doesn't cover it because my major medical insurance covers it, but pharmacies can't file that way. Learn something new every day!
I have taken some pics of the land and will try to post them this weekend in a separate post. We are blessed because Ike has downgraded to a tropical storm finally, and we have been in our trailer all day and haven't even lost power. Lots of rain and wind, but nothing serious.
My dad lives in Alvin, 20 miles from Galveston, and he rode out the storm, but thankfully there was no major damage to his home or his service station in Pearland. They are without power as are the millions of other Houston residents but he has two generators and he could use them to pump more gas from his gas station if he needed to, to keep the fridge and freezer running. He didn't stay open long enough Thursday to sell out of gas so he still has some if needs to use it. So many others did not fare so well. My prayers go out to them. That's all for now.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Adair

Well, I went to see Dr. Miller Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. He did a vaginal sonogram and I got to see Baby Adair and hear her heartbeat. [of course we don't know it is a girl, I am just using the power of positive thinking:-)] Everything looks good for now. He did say that I am 9 weeks in according to the size of the baby. I will go back in 4 weeks for another vaginal sonogram to make sure my uterus did the turn around it is supposed to do, which it hasn't started doing yet. Who knows what that means.

This is the sonogram picture. I know it doesn't look like anything, but if you look at the big round thing in the middle of the big black oval, that is the baby's head.
I will go to see Dr. Arce, the endocrinologist, next Tuesday, Sept. 10th. I will keep you "posted!"

Oh, and here is a pic of Cole playing his video game in our new digs! Love to all, Misty

Monday, September 1, 2008

We've moved!

Well, it is Monday night, and we are officially Rock Hill residents now. We left the keys in our old house, and we have moved into the travel trailer on our land. was hard work, but we managed not to fight once. Cole is very excited, but he keeps asking when is our new house going to be built. He just doesn't have a good concept of time yet. Of course, I am in a hurry, too! Wyatt has been hard at work making things livable around here. We bought a cargo trailer and he has installed water and electricity so that I can wash and dry laundry, and keep our freezer and fridge which will be a big help. I am kind of glad to go back to work tomorrow so I can rest!
I have a dr.'s appt tomorrow and I will get to hear the baby's heartbeat. I am kind of excited, because when I was pregnant with Cole, Dr. Miller had predicted I had a boy by the speed of the heartbeat. So maybe I will get another prediction! I will post after I visit the Dr. I will visit the Endocrinologist Sept. 10th to find out what they want to do about my high blood sugar. I am feeling a bit better, I guess everything has evened out again since I have been off the other meds. That's all for now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Post Surgery

Cole's surgery went well. He did sort of "freak out" as he was waking up from anesthesia. They had splinted his other arm with the IV in it, and he wanted it gone. He cried and cried for like 30-45 minutes; he was inconsolable until the nurse finally agreed to take the IV out. As soon as they did that, he was fine. Mom went to work not long after that, and Wyatt brought him home. It rained all day so they watched movies and ate popcorn in Momma's bed. Momma was not happy about the crumbs in the bed! :-)

I have to go to Denton for the next three days for a library class at UNT. I will stay at Tracy and James Johnson's house in Bridgeport about 30-40 minutes away. Cheaper than a hotel room.
Looking forward to spending some time with Tracy. Then it's back to work Wednesday.

We close on the sale of our house next Friday, and we have until Sept. 2nd to move out. So we will spend our Labor Day weekend working and moving...fitting, I guess. After all, it is Labor Day.
Patsy took a few pics of Cole pre-surgery and I will try to get a couple of those posted today. Then I probably won't get any new pics til after the move.
Love to all,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Entry

I decided to start this blog to let my family and friends know how baby Adair and Cole are doing, how the house is coming along, what it's like living in a travel trailer, and anything else that comes along. Many of you know that we sold our house in a total of 2 days on the real estate market and we will close on the house August 29th. We told them we could be out by Sept. 2nd so we will be moving slowly but surely over the course of the next two weeks. I start my new job as Librarian at Boulter Middle School officially Tuesday, Aug. 19th, but Cole will have a small growth removed from his arm surgically Tuesday morning at Mother Frances Hospital. He will be "put to sleep" for the surgery and hopefully he will be home by 10am. I will have to go on to work as soon as I know he is ok but Wyatt will stay home with him. Since I will have a baby this school year, I need to keep all the sick days I can at work.

Cole is sort of excited about having a new baby brother or sister. He will tell you though he just wants a baby brother. Of course, we are hoping for a baby sister, but we aren't telling him that just yet. Cole started preschool at All About Love Preschool in Tyler. So far he likes it. He didn't want to eat his lunch the first day though because it was peanut butter and jelly mixed together. He loves pb&j but we have never mixed it together before for him and he didn't believe them that it really was pb&j. But then he decided to try it and he liked it, so all's well.

Cole and I went to Six Flags last week with Tamme and Tanner Johnson. The boys had a blast, and we were very surprised at all the cool stuff they could ride (by themselves even, but mommies weren't about to let them do that!) Here is a pic with Batman and Robin. Very cool!
We are currently putting in water lines on our new place to be used for the travel trailer. We actually staked off the house today and Wyatt will have to take out a few more trees to make it work. But there are so many trees, I am sure they won't be missed!

Here are a few pics of our new place, and Cole. He is always fun to look at! Daddy and Cole got coordinating Spider Man tattoos on their arms.

I see Dr. Miller (my OB) again on Sept. 2nd and will get to hear the baby's heartbeat. I will see the endocrinologist (for diabetes) Sept. 10th. I fully expect to be back on insulin (like when I was pregnant with Cole) but we'll see.

Love to all,