Monday, November 16, 2009

On the home stretch...

Christmas is getting closer and I can see the light! It's green, for UNT graduation! If I can make it through this killer website design class I am taking then graduation is on for sure!

These pics are of Lucy at home, and Wyatt and Cole at the Monster Truck races in Kilgore.
Kids are doing great! Cole scored two goals and played like a champ in his soccer game last Sat. This Clover Kids 4-H stuff is great, but wearing us out already! Two field trips to farms the last two sundays, and collecting cans and who knows else is coming. It's good for Cole to participate in this type of stuff though, and I am learning alot about livestock! Did you know cows have 4 stomachs??? I had no clue...

Cole lost his front top tooth just in time for school pictures. Can't wait to see those first school pictures!

COLE CAN READ! It is incredible what he has learned in just a few weeks. He is way ahead of the other kids in his class (no surprise!) and we are proud as peacocks. He wants to read all the time and writing on his own some too. Wow...when he did get so grown up?
Lucy has two teeth on the bottom coming in at the same time. She is taking it much better now that they actually broke the skin. We have found new daycare for her (an answer to prayer) and she will start when we go back to school in January. I can't wait for Thanksgiving break (a whole week off) and then 3 weeks and it's Christmas break (2 weeks off!)! See what I mean by the home stretch!