Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is Christmas really over?

Hello to everyone...Cole had a great Christmas this year. I think he got a little spoiled because everyone feels so sorry for him because we live in a travel trailer...:-).
Santa brought Cole a new trampoline and a John Deere Gator electric ride on toy. He loves his new pajamas his Nana got him, and the race track Grandpa gave. He also really loves his rocket ship toy that Uncle Phil got for him and everything else. He is so proud of his very own Bible that his Mamaw bought him and the cover for it with his name and a cross on it. He loves crosses!

The house is moving rather slowly right now [in my opinion:-)]. Wyatt and his dad, Milton (with his mom Patsy's help) have mostly finished the cabinets and started working on the 35 cabinet doors and 57 drawer fronts that go in the house.'s alot of cabinets. Painters came in and primed the walls and painted the ceilings. They will be back when Wyatt has finished hanging all the trim and interior doors sometime next week or the following week. I have bought all the light fixtures and lots of other stuff so Wyatt won't have to go and pick any of that stuff out. It would be frightening.

My visit with Dr. Miller went smoothly. He didn't seem concerned about Lucy's size, so that is good news. No worries on that front.
Sorry no new pics, but nothing really to report. I will try to take some pics of Cole on his new trampoline this week and with some of his Christmas goodies. Take care.
Love to all,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

We had a great weekend in Waco. We spent Saturday with my mom and family, then Sunday with my dad and family. Cole was exhausted by the time we got home Sunday night.

The pics are of Cole's cousins on the Smirl side of the family, my neice and nephews.

Wyatt is busy building cabinets and making great progress. Trim and interior doors were ordered today. As soon as he is finished putting all of that in and installing the cabinets, we will be ready for the painters to come in.

Had a visit with Dr. Miller today. Everything looks great as far as Lucy is concerned. He checked my cervix and listened to the heartbeat, and all is well. He did not mention the sonogram results that showed Lucy measuring a little bigger than she should right now, and I forgot to ask. I am excited because when I meet with him again in January, should be only 2 visits left...unless we start weekly visits sometime soon. I did have to do that with Cole.

Wyatt and I were hopeful that we could be in the house by Jan. 15th, but I am looking for more like Feb. 1st. Either is fine, but trailer life is getting old and wearing thin on me and Cole for sure.

We are spending the night with Patsy and Milton tomorrow night just so we aren't having Christmas in the trailer. Then we will have to come and see what Santa left at our house...should be a trampoline!

Love to all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally back!

Sorry for the delay folks! I have been using a school issued laptop for all my computer needs, and low and behold the school district figured out how to block Blogger, so I can view my webpage but can't make any changes. It took me a few days to figure out it wasn't going to change, so I will just have to post from a free computer (this one is Patsy's) for a while til we get into the new house.

So on to the news...

The house is looking great! The stone is finished, including my fireplace, and it looks beautiful! They finished the insulation finally. We had the new insulation blown in, sort of like a spray in truck bedliner with expandable foam into the outside walls of the house and the attic. It makes the biggest mess, but it is supposed to lower your heating and cooling costs tremendously.
The sheetrock crew finished up today. We are trying to find someone to tape and bed, they are all booked out. We finally found someone that will come by and look at it tomorrow, who says he can possibly start next week.
Wyatt is off for the next 3 weeks beginning Monday, so he will be devoting his time to finishing the house. Building cabinets, trimwork, and anything else we don't want to pay someone else to do. We are looking pretty good on the money side, so we are hoping to pay someone to paint, which would be a huge load off.
All in all, we are very hopeful to move in after Jan. 15th.

Had another sonogram of Lucy today and it is officially a girl...signed, sealed, delivered! The nurse in my dr's office did another sono where they measure and look for abnormalities and everything looks good. She is a bit large, measuring at about 24 weeks of age, which is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Normal for diabetic moms. That puts birth around end of March so far. Let's hope it doesn't need to be any earlier than that, because earlier than that becomes dangerous for Lucy. She might not be fully developed or ready to be born, but if she is overly large her size will force the issue. Not a good thing.

Still love my job, and enjoying a break from graduate courses right now. I will finish the Masters degree next summer for sure.
The pics are of the house, and a few from Cole's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. We had a surprise visit from Granny and Miss Freda before the party, and Nana came to take Cole to the movies on Monday. He had a wonderful birthday!

Love to all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

This week

OK, I know I promised pics but with insulatin being blown into the outside walls it sort of created a big mess. The stone is up on the front of the house and the fireplace. It looks great!

So this weekend I should be able to take some new pics. The work should be cleaned up tomorrow for the most part and I can get in and take some new ones.

Sheetrock should start Tuesday. More mess.

Cole is 5 today! It is hard to believe. He has had a great day and we are set for a busy weekend.
I can feel Lucy all the time now...she is pretty active too.
Last night we went to the Lottie Moon Christmas Auction at church and when we got home I discovered my ankles were huge! That never happened with Cole. I think I just haven't been drinking enough water and lots of diet soda so I am changing that and we will see what happens.
That's all I know.
So new pics this weekend, for sure!