Saturday, August 23, 2008

Post Surgery

Cole's surgery went well. He did sort of "freak out" as he was waking up from anesthesia. They had splinted his other arm with the IV in it, and he wanted it gone. He cried and cried for like 30-45 minutes; he was inconsolable until the nurse finally agreed to take the IV out. As soon as they did that, he was fine. Mom went to work not long after that, and Wyatt brought him home. It rained all day so they watched movies and ate popcorn in Momma's bed. Momma was not happy about the crumbs in the bed! :-)

I have to go to Denton for the next three days for a library class at UNT. I will stay at Tracy and James Johnson's house in Bridgeport about 30-40 minutes away. Cheaper than a hotel room.
Looking forward to spending some time with Tracy. Then it's back to work Wednesday.

We close on the sale of our house next Friday, and we have until Sept. 2nd to move out. So we will spend our Labor Day weekend working and moving...fitting, I guess. After all, it is Labor Day.
Patsy took a few pics of Cole pre-surgery and I will try to get a couple of those posted today. Then I probably won't get any new pics til after the move.
Love to all,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Entry

I decided to start this blog to let my family and friends know how baby Adair and Cole are doing, how the house is coming along, what it's like living in a travel trailer, and anything else that comes along. Many of you know that we sold our house in a total of 2 days on the real estate market and we will close on the house August 29th. We told them we could be out by Sept. 2nd so we will be moving slowly but surely over the course of the next two weeks. I start my new job as Librarian at Boulter Middle School officially Tuesday, Aug. 19th, but Cole will have a small growth removed from his arm surgically Tuesday morning at Mother Frances Hospital. He will be "put to sleep" for the surgery and hopefully he will be home by 10am. I will have to go on to work as soon as I know he is ok but Wyatt will stay home with him. Since I will have a baby this school year, I need to keep all the sick days I can at work.

Cole is sort of excited about having a new baby brother or sister. He will tell you though he just wants a baby brother. Of course, we are hoping for a baby sister, but we aren't telling him that just yet. Cole started preschool at All About Love Preschool in Tyler. So far he likes it. He didn't want to eat his lunch the first day though because it was peanut butter and jelly mixed together. He loves pb&j but we have never mixed it together before for him and he didn't believe them that it really was pb&j. But then he decided to try it and he liked it, so all's well.

Cole and I went to Six Flags last week with Tamme and Tanner Johnson. The boys had a blast, and we were very surprised at all the cool stuff they could ride (by themselves even, but mommies weren't about to let them do that!) Here is a pic with Batman and Robin. Very cool!
We are currently putting in water lines on our new place to be used for the travel trailer. We actually staked off the house today and Wyatt will have to take out a few more trees to make it work. But there are so many trees, I am sure they won't be missed!

Here are a few pics of our new place, and Cole. He is always fun to look at! Daddy and Cole got coordinating Spider Man tattoos on their arms.

I see Dr. Miller (my OB) again on Sept. 2nd and will get to hear the baby's heartbeat. I will see the endocrinologist (for diabetes) Sept. 10th. I fully expect to be back on insulin (like when I was pregnant with Cole) but we'll see.

Love to all,