Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekends...sigh...Not enough of them!

Just finished a week of Vacation Bible School at church. Cole loved it, he was ready to go every night. The kids learn songs and do crafts every night besides the bible lesson. Cole made up his own dance moves to one of the songs and performed it front and center stage this morning in church with all the other kids doing it 'a different way'. Much laughing

Quiet week at home doing college work and getting ready for a garage sale Friday and Saturday. Figs are ready and I am going to attempt to make jam or jelly.
I made 14 jars of hot sauce/salsa yesterday from free tomatoes and peppers.

Lucy is sleeping all night most of the time now, at least until about 5 or 6 in the morning. Can't complain about that, sure beats 2 am. No kind of schedule in sight though. She just doesn't want to eat lately...unless SHE wants to! Sigh...just not like her brother.
I am going to give Cole a practice school lunch this week. Get him used to taking his lunch and eating it by himself, opening packages, etc. He hasn't had to do any of that.

More later. No real pics yet. Wyatt has been working all weekend on the dozer and clearing brush from our place. If you have seen it, it looks quite different right now! Will try to take pics tomorrow and post those.
Love to all,

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We had a great time in San Antonio. It was hot, but we all managed. Cole had an absolute blast at SeaWorld, even though there were so many people there! I never thought about other people being there on July 4th. But the fireworks were awesome!

We even stopped to buy Cole's school clothes in San Marcos. I LOVE SCHOOL UNIFORMS! Man, it was so easy. No fussing, pick up five shirts and five pairs of pants or shorts and we are done! Cole is enrolled and ready to go to Dixie Elementary in Tyler.

He is asking me already when does soccer start, so I guess we will do that again. Miss Tamme says she will coach one more time...but she is having a baby at Christmas time so that will be it.

This fall season they will actually begin keeping score and the coaches cannot be on the field anymore. Should make for good times!

We are loving our new house...obviously! We have loggers here right now, just taking down pine trees and dead trees. We are keeping all the oaks and such. Should make it a bit clearer though.

Lucy sleeps all night sporadically, but more often than not. She is one fussy baby when she gets sleepy, and I bought baby food today. She has taken a bottle every 2 hours all day. She won't take more than 4 oz. at a time. So I decided we are going to start baby food a couple of weeks early. I'll keep you posted how that goes. She is holding her head up all the time now, and loves to look around and be able to see. She loves for someone to talk to her too.

Hope you enjoy the pics. I don't know if I have any new ones of Lucy, so I will try to take some this week.