Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello again!

I know, I know...where have I been?

I am taking 9 grad hours this semester, plus Interning as a Principal. and I have 3 kids. oops sorry, a husband and 2 kids. and I work full time. and I have a huge house that is always dirty. Why didn't someone tell me that when you have 1 more kid your laundry like triples? That is some kind of weird math!

Wyatt has been a doll (mostly) about helping out around the house and with the kids so I can do all this and keep my sanity. Although it is slipping a little daily...

Cole is doing great in Kindergarten.He loves his teacher, and she is really great. He is a little fountain of knowledge every day, telling me all about what he is learning. This week it's all about the calendar. "Momma, did you know that there are 12 of those things like December in a month?" Cole, there are 12 months in a year. "Yeah, that's what I said." Too cute!
He has lost two teeth now and has two grown up teeth to replace them. The first tooth he didn't want to give up, it took us two weeks to talk him into leaving it for the tooth fairy. He got $5 because the tooth fairy didn't have any change...and it was the first tooth after all. Second time, no problem!

We have played 2 soccer games so far, and Cole scored 2 goals last Saturday. He has started Karate class on Friday nights. He loves it, and it is amazing how he pays attention and does what he is supposed to. Wyatt wanted him to take it for his temper,
and I think it is working!

Lucy is sleeping all night for the most part. She is also TEETHING! Cole's teeth all came in about the same time and it never bothered him. Not the case with Lucy. Her gums are swollen and you
can tell they hurt when it's time to take a bottle. Doctor says to give her Motrin so that's what we are doing. She also is taking Claritin now daily for allergies, just like her momma. So we are expecting that first tooth or two to pop up any time now.

She laughs all the time, but no one can make her laugh like her big brother can! It is incredible, the amount of loving adoration already in her eyes when he is around.

Wyatt is working all the time. We have our goats...they are gradually getting used to us. They like Cole the best though. Next is chicken coops and chickens.

Cole and I will go to our first Clover Kids 4-H meeting this Sunday. Luckily, they only meet once a month...whew! But it will be great experience for him to get ready for real 4-H, and we already have friends who want him to help them show some animals at the livestock show.

That's all I know for now. Might be a long time before the next post...but hopefully after Christmas things will be a little slower for me. I will only be in 6 hours of grad school then! LOL. :-)
Love to all,