Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby news!

You thought I meant Lucy huh??? LOL.
Our goat had a baby girl sometime late Friday night! We are like the most clueless goat farmers in the world...we didn't even know she was pregnant! :-) All's well that ends well, she seems to be healthy, and Angel is a good mommy goat so far.

We also bought a registered Boer billy goat Saturday, so our goat operation is officially under way! Here are some pics of the new baby!

What fun...

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I just have to say that I am blessed with so many people in my Granny, who is always doing things for me. My mom who is always doing things too...who I talk to almost every single day!

My in-laws...My mother-in-law who is always helping me with my kids, and anything else I ask her to do (sometimes crazy stuff, LOL!). My father-in-law who is always building stuff I think up!

My husband, who puts up with me, and does lots of things for me too. Who helps with the kids so I can do whatever I can think getting a Masters degree, or principal certification.

I love you all!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's Lucy in the bath, her favorite place to be!

Hopefully now that I have the Masters I will be able to blog a little more. We'll see.

We had a great visit from Nana last Sunday with gifts of books...we love her new job! Cole just loves to see her, gifts or not!
Looking forward to a visit from Granny tomorrow for the remainder of the weekend.

Lucy has a new tooth or two coming in on top. One has broken the skin, but I think I see another getting ready to show itself. She starts new daycare Monday when I (sigh) have to go back to work. One of these days I am either going to invent something really great, or write children's books (a secret goal of mine) so I can quit working! LOL. Don't hold your breath...

Cole loves the Wii...we all do really! It has definitely proven a source of family fun, which was the goal.

Not much news here...hope everyone had a great first day of the New Year!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Cole wanted to watch a Christmas movie tonight, so after much discussion we watched a VeggieTales called The Toy that Saved Christmas. Cole picked up on the fact that Christmas is really about Jesus, and his birthday, so that's a good thing.

Then sometimes when you think everything is going great, you realize you made a mistake and it hurt someone. You didn't mean to do it, you didn't even really think about it, but it happened. How do you fix it? You can say I'm sorry, but it's really not going to do any good.

For me, Christmas is about Jesus, but it's also about being with family.

Hope you are with yours!

It's Official!

Well, I did it! I officially have a Master of Science degree from the University of North Texas in Library and Information Science! Woohoo!

I have not even mailed out my Christmas cards yet...they are doubling as graduation announcements in the interest of saving a little money! So you will see them soon!

Cole had a great birthday! We went bowling for his party, and the kids loved it!

Cole rang the bell at Wal-Mart for the Salvation Army for his Clover Kids group (4-H for little kids). He had a great time. What a wonderful lesson for him about helping others. He loves the Clover Kids, and we are learning so much to get ready for 4-H.

The Rock Hill Christmas Tour of Homes was a success. My mother loaned me all her decorations and her time to help me decorate, and made several visits. She painted this amazing old wood door that my equally amazing husband and father-in-law created a table out of to go behind my couch. My house was beautiful thanks to my mom! She's an amazing lady.
Cole and Lucy have had an wonderful Christmas so far! Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for the visit and the gifts. It was great to have my brother and his family and stepsister and her family here at our house. Wyatt's family Christmas was last night. Their Uncle Phil made Lucy a rocking John Deere Tractor, like a rocking horse only a is beautiful! Really an amazing gift! and Uncle Phil and Aunt Mel bought Cole a real gas powered four-wheeler! He is so and dad are a little nervous. I did feel better though knowing that it has a remote control engine kill switch for mom and dad to hold while he's riding it. He told us after he rode it a little bit, "i've got it figured out now!" Oh no you don't!

Lucy is so close to crawling...and so happy! She wants so badly to be mobile, and I know she will be soon.
Santa is bringing a Wii and Lucy gets a music play table.

My kids are healthy, we both have jobs, a beautiful house to live in, and our family is all good...we are so blessed this Christmas!

We are planning to camp in our trailer for the first time since moving out of it! Definitely for Spring Break, but maybe a couple of weekend trips before that too.
Remember the reason we celebrate the season...the Christmas!
Love to all,


P.S. I will finish Principal certification this summer! School's not over yet, but the worst is over!

Monday, November 16, 2009

On the home stretch...

Christmas is getting closer and I can see the light! It's green, for UNT graduation! If I can make it through this killer website design class I am taking then graduation is on for sure!

These pics are of Lucy at home, and Wyatt and Cole at the Monster Truck races in Kilgore.
Kids are doing great! Cole scored two goals and played like a champ in his soccer game last Sat. This Clover Kids 4-H stuff is great, but wearing us out already! Two field trips to farms the last two sundays, and collecting cans and who knows else is coming. It's good for Cole to participate in this type of stuff though, and I am learning alot about livestock! Did you know cows have 4 stomachs??? I had no clue...

Cole lost his front top tooth just in time for school pictures. Can't wait to see those first school pictures!

COLE CAN READ! It is incredible what he has learned in just a few weeks. He is way ahead of the other kids in his class (no surprise!) and we are proud as peacocks. He wants to read all the time and writing on his own some too. Wow...when he did get so grown up?
Lucy has two teeth on the bottom coming in at the same time. She is taking it much better now that they actually broke the skin. We have found new daycare for her (an answer to prayer) and she will start when we go back to school in January. I can't wait for Thanksgiving break (a whole week off) and then 3 weeks and it's Christmas break (2 weeks off!)! See what I mean by the home stretch!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello again!

I know, I know...where have I been?

I am taking 9 grad hours this semester, plus Interning as a Principal. and I have 3 kids. oops sorry, a husband and 2 kids. and I work full time. and I have a huge house that is always dirty. Why didn't someone tell me that when you have 1 more kid your laundry like triples? That is some kind of weird math!

Wyatt has been a doll (mostly) about helping out around the house and with the kids so I can do all this and keep my sanity. Although it is slipping a little daily...

Cole is doing great in Kindergarten.He loves his teacher, and she is really great. He is a little fountain of knowledge every day, telling me all about what he is learning. This week it's all about the calendar. "Momma, did you know that there are 12 of those things like December in a month?" Cole, there are 12 months in a year. "Yeah, that's what I said." Too cute!
He has lost two teeth now and has two grown up teeth to replace them. The first tooth he didn't want to give up, it took us two weeks to talk him into leaving it for the tooth fairy. He got $5 because the tooth fairy didn't have any change...and it was the first tooth after all. Second time, no problem!

We have played 2 soccer games so far, and Cole scored 2 goals last Saturday. He has started Karate class on Friday nights. He loves it, and it is amazing how he pays attention and does what he is supposed to. Wyatt wanted him to take it for his temper,
and I think it is working!

Lucy is sleeping all night for the most part. She is also TEETHING! Cole's teeth all came in about the same time and it never bothered him. Not the case with Lucy. Her gums are swollen and you
can tell they hurt when it's time to take a bottle. Doctor says to give her Motrin so that's what we are doing. She also is taking Claritin now daily for allergies, just like her momma. So we are expecting that first tooth or two to pop up any time now.

She laughs all the time, but no one can make her laugh like her big brother can! It is incredible, the amount of loving adoration already in her eyes when he is around.

Wyatt is working all the time. We have our goats...they are gradually getting used to us. They like Cole the best though. Next is chicken coops and chickens.

Cole and I will go to our first Clover Kids 4-H meeting this Sunday. Luckily, they only meet once a month...whew! But it will be great experience for him to get ready for real 4-H, and we already have friends who want him to help them show some animals at the livestock show.

That's all I know for now. Might be a long time before the next post...but hopefully after Christmas things will be a little slower for me. I will only be in 6 hours of grad school then! LOL. :-)
Love to all,