Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OK, maybe one more week...

Hello all! I know, you thought I forgot.

We had a snag with the painter that kind of put a halt on things for about a week. My black cabinets have suffered the brunt of it, and will have to be redone at some point. We settled with the painter, and he admits they aren't right. So for now, he is finishing touch up on the house next Monday hopefully, and we are at a draw with the cabinets. I imagine we will move in and I will worry about them later this summer or something when I have time. We did not pay him for painting them, since he has pretty much made a mess of them.

But on with the program...the icy weather today put my Uncle David, the electrician, in a bind, so he will have to come on Saturday instead of today. My Uncle Ronnie, the plumber, will come later this week and finish out that part of the house. Once they are finished, the painter comes in and touches up inside the house, we will be ready to seal the concrete floors, and then we are MOVING IN!
So hopefully for sure next weekend, Feb. 8th. We can sleep in the house maybe sometime during the week, and moving in officially on the weekend. I AM READY!

The only things left outside the house are pouring a bit of concrete for the entry to the carport, and a patio on the other side, and gutter, both of which can be finished next week as well.

Cole is ready too. I am posting some pics of him painting his wall in his new room. His Nana (My mom) came down last weekend for the 4D sonogram and brought her friend Ann, and they began painting the barnyard mural on his wall. He loved getting to paint too! Hopefully, they will be able to come and finish up this weekend.
Lucy is doing great. I forgot to bring her sono pic with me to post, but she is the cutest thing! Precious little perfect face. Can't wait to see her in real life.
I am definitely to that very uncomfortable stage. Not sleeping good, very tired all the time, I NEED MY RECLINER!!! My feet are swollen about 2 times a week, if I stay on them for too long, and heartburn and indigestion are part of daily life. The joys of being pregnant.

I am still trying to figure out why I have trouble loading pics from Patsy's computer. Here are pics of my black cabinets, which look great from far The granite countertops look awesome. A pic of Cole's mural, him and Dad on New Year's Eve doing fireworks, Cole riding his new gator he got for Christmas.
Love to all,

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two more weeks...

I am posting this from Patsy's computer again. My laptop is blocking my blog for some reason. It went away before, maybe it will again.

We will pick up our appliances Monday. Painters are working all weekend to get finished by Monday. They have another job to get to, and it suits me just fine for them to hurry! Marble and granite will begin being installed Tuesday (when the painters are out). Electric (my Uncle David) and plumbing (my Uncle Ronnie) will be in this week (possibly Thursday and Saturday). The A/C will be put in this week, and trim outside will be finished. Gutter at the beginning of the following week, and we are home free!
Wyatt is still working on shelves for the closets, and will begin installing closet rods and such this week when he gets home from work each night. I'll pick up blinds this week too, and he can start hanging those as well.

Lots of little finishing touches like towel rods, but he can do that after we are sleeping inside I think. Who really needs a towel rod anyway...(wink).

Lucy is doing fine. Went to see Dr. Miller on Friday because he had a surgery Monday and they wanted me to reschedule. So he says we will plan to take Lucy by C-section about 10-12 days before my April 9th due date. My blood sugars have stayed remarkably stable...looking for that to change any day now. Completely normal. That will put delivery of Lucy about March 31st-ish.

Many have asked me, so here it is. A girlie shower is being planned for Sunday, March 8th from 2-4pm at the new house. Lucy's room is pink and brown John Deere, and sort of western.

Cole is excited about Lucy, but tired of being 5 already. We told him that now he is five he has to be a big boy, and dress himself all the time, and all sorts of mean mommy and daddy restrictions. He is sick of being 5! He tells us all the time.

He is tired of trailer life too, I think. He asked me recently, "Momma, why did we sell our old house? I wish we still lived there." I just keep telling him how much bigger this house is, and how much bigger his room will be.

I am posting some pics of my black one likes them but me. Good thing no one lives there but me and Wyatt. He will get over it.
Love to all,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

On the "home" stretch-almost...

Hello all!

Well, I can soooo almost "taste" what it will be like to live in my new house! We are so close...
The appliances we ordered should be in next week, and the granite and marble will be ready next Friday.
The trim will be finished tomorrow (Sunday), and all the doors inside are hung. The cabinets are all in, and they look wonderful! Wyatt and I built some "cubbies" for the kids' closets today and will finish building 3 more units like that tomorrow for the master closet.
The painters should be in next week and hopefully finish by the end of the week.
I have a dr's appt on the 19th with Dr. Miller again. Probably just a check up.
Lucy is veeeerrrrrryyyyy active now. She is moving all the time it seems. I had great fun buying for a friends' baby shower this week who is having a girl about a month ahead of me. Everything I bought for her, I bought for Lucy! Couldn't stand it...all that pink is so cute!
In another week, my next round of classes will start for library certification. This is the last bit for the certification, then I will have 2 more classes in the summer to finish the Masters degree.
I can see the light...

I will definitely post pics tomorrow if you read this before Sunday. I ran out of time in daylight to take them today, but I will take some of the cabinets and such.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello All!

We hit a stroke of luck this weekend. We met a man who is a master at woodworking and carpentry, and he needed work, so he has worked at our house all weekend helping to put in the cabinets and trim out the windows. He says he will be back when he can (he has a full time job on the week days), so we are crossing our fingers for rain tomorrow to keep him from working at his other job so he can come back. He has been a great help! Wyatt and Milton could have done it, but it would have taken them ages.

So we are back on schedule...sort of. Hopefully the painters will come and start on cabinets and such this week.

We are hoping to be moved in by Feb. 1st if all keeps going well. That will put us right at 3 to 3 1/2 months on building time. Not bad!

No news with Lucy, and Cole is turning out to be quite the little helper around the house when we are working. He is so eager to help all the time. I hope that it continues when we have the baby.

It's back to work tomorrow for me. Wyatt will be around a few more days to keep things going around the house.
Sorry, I will try to add some pics later this week.
Love to all.